Faculty Profile: Keirstead, Hans

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Keirstead, Hans
Lab Contact:
Hans Keirstead
(949) 824-6213
Department: SOM - Anatomy & Neurobiology
Gross Hall, School of Medicine, Keirstead Research Group

Research Description

Bio199 students within the Keirstead lab take part in a variety of different tasks ranging from assisting in surgical procedures such as spinal cord contusion injuries, and intra spinal cellular transplantations to tissue processing, immunohistochemistry and data analysis. Students will often find themselves conducting behavioral tests, summarizing the data into Excel spreadsheets, performing routine post-op animal care and monitoring. These tasks may include administering saline and antibiotic injections intraperitoneally or subcutaneously, daily injections with an immunosuppressant drug, and the quantitative analysis of animal kinematics by analyzing videotaped images. Research will also include tissue dissection, cryostat sectioning, and numerous molecular biology techniques that may include DNA concentration, PCR, electrophoresis, enzyme digestion along with the preparation of cell culture media and gels.

Requirements to Participate

Students must be highly motivated. Experience in the following areas would be appreciated but not necessary: cryostat cutting and immunological staining, previous animal handling experience or willingness to work with live animals, and previous academic course work in the neurobiology/biology field.

Time Commitment per Week

Students will be expected to dedicate an average of 12-15 hours per week, and must be willing to work on weekends on occasion