Faculty Profile: Kawas, Claudia

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Kawas, Claudia
Lab Contact:
Dana Greenia
949 824-4459
Department: SOM - Neurology
The location is Hewitt Hall, and off campus site: Clinic for Aging Research and Education 24361 El Toro Road, #150 Laguna Woods, CA 92637

Research Description

Have you ever wondered how people live past 100? Or why some people get Alzheimer’s disease when others are spared? The 90+ Study is a longitudinal study of aging and dementia that focuses on the brain changes associated with extreme aging and the factors that can increase or decrease dementia risk. Work in the study is primarily done off campus. Students will do clerical tasks such as filing, scanning documents and data entry, while getting exposure to clinical research. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the office in Laguna Woods (about 20 minutes south of the UCI campus).

Requirements to Participate

TIME COMMITMENT PER WEEK: 9 hours minimum NUMBER OF UNITS REQUIRED: 3 units minimum OTHER: Sophomores preferred so that the experience can progress over a few quarters FACULTY MEANS OF EVALUATION FOR COURSE GRADE: You will be evaluated based on your performance, punctuality, and attendance.