Faculty Profile: Kadandale, Pavan

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Kadandale, Pavan
Lab Contact:
Pavan Kadandale
(949) 824-8362
Department: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Research Description

My research is focused on how to get students excited about Biology, how to get them to learn better, and how to improve their ability to think critically and analyze data. I am also interested in how to build communities of student learners, and what impacts such communities have on student learning and motivation. As part of my group, you are expected to commit to doing as much work as is required, although for the most part the schedule is pretty flexible.

Requirements to Participate

Most importantly, you are expected to be self-motivated, and not afraid of deep thinking. As an undergraduate researcher, you can expect to read and analyze papers related to the current status of education research, and techniques that improve learning. You will contribute ideas on how to change Biology education at UCI, come up with ideas to increase learning, and be part of a team that assesses the efficacy of these changes in the classroom.

Time Commitment per Week

The hours are variable, but will typically be in the range of 4-10 hours per week.