Faculty Profile: Hughes, Bradley

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Hughes, Bradley
Lab Contact:
Bradley Hughes
(949) 502-6374
Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
SH 341, 347, some research work off-campus (on location)

Research Description

Gain valuable hands-on experience as a member of the Hughes Cinematic Media Productions Lab Crew working with Ultra HD Video Cinema equipment, production software (Adobe Creative Cloud), and state of the art editing, while shooting on various campus and community locations to produce videos from Artistic Entertainment to showcasing scientific breakthrough high tech innovations for distributions from theatrical release to mobile apps.

Requirements to Participate

Candidates are required to be willing to learn and apply the practices of videography from pre to post production. Additionally, candidates need to be able to learn and array of audio video workflows, acting techniques, directorial procedures, along with introductory level usage of laboratory equipment, while possessing good organizational skills and ability to carry out safe lab practices are strongly desired. COURSE COMPLETION: To be determined by instructor on individual basis. (Additional units available by request) OTHER: May include field trips.

Time Commitment per Week

4 hours a week

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Combined informal and performance based assessment by graduate student and instructor to determine candidate's ability to independently and successfully participate in their chosen or assigned research project.