Faculty Profile: Gupta, Ranjan

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Gupta, Ranjan
Lab Contact:
Winnie Palispis
Department: SOM - Orthopaedic Surgery
Gillespie neuroscience research facility

Research Description

Our lab investigates the cellular and molecular changes in chronic nerve compression (CNC) injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and spinal nerve root stenosis. These localized, peripheral neuropathies produce pain, altered sensation, and motor atrophy in millions of Americans each year. However, knowledge about the cascade of cellular and molecular events leading to injury is limited, as are the number of effective treatments for CNC patients. In addition, we investigate methods of improving outcomes after spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries often result in paralysis or disrupted motor and sensory function, and are accompanied by altered sensations and pain perception. Exploration of therapeutic treatments at the molecular level is of utmost importance to helping patients regain daily function and quality of life. These twin areas of focus allow the PNRL to occupy a unique, cutting-edge position at the intersection of orthopaedics and neuroscience.

Requirements to Participate

Sophomore year or higher
Must be independently motivated to learn
Willing to work with rodents (will need to complete all animal training)

Time Commitment per Week

To enroll 5 units. Will require some time for weekly article reading and presentation.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Students will be evaluated based on workmanship, commitment to learn, and fulfillment of lab requirements. Please visit our lab website for more information, lab alumni and news
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