Faculty Profile: Goulding, Celia

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Goulding, Celia
Lab Contact:
Celia Goulding
(949) 824-0337
Department: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
2212 Natural Sciences 1

Research Description

My research is based on structure-function determination of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins in the hope of finding novel anti-TB drug targets. The techniques that we utilize include X-ray crystallography, biochemical characterization and mass spectrometry. My main focus is on a mycobacterial iron up-take system that scavenges iron from humans in the form of heme, and then uptakes this heme to be broken down for iron usage either within the bacterial membrane or cytosol The student research projects may include cloning, protein expression and purification and crystallization trials initially. There will also be some protein-protein interaction experiments to carry out.

Requirements to Participate

Completion of a basic course in biochemistry/chemistry would be preferable. Must be highly motivated

Time Commitment per Week

12 hrs/wk