Faculty Profile: Goldin, Alan

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Goldin, Alan
Lab Contact:
Alan Goldin
(949) 824-5334
Department: SOM - Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
266 Medical Sciences C

Research Description

Our lab investigates the role of voltage-gated sodium channels in normal and abnormal physiology of the CNS, with two goals. The first is to determine how sodium channel mutations cause CNS disease. Specifically, we are studying the effects of epilepsy causing mutations in genes encoding human CNS sodium channels by using mouse models. The primary model is Generalized Epilepsy with Febrile Seizures Plus, which is caused by mutations in sodium channel subunits. We and our collaborators have constructed a number of mouse models expressing the sodium channel mutations that cause this disease. We are now using a variety of electrophysiological approaches to understand how the mutations alter excitability of individual neurons and the overall network. The second goal is to determine how different sodium channels localize in different regions of CNS neurons. There are multiple sodium channel isoforms, including four that are highly expressed in the CNS. These subtypes are present in different intracellular locations, and we are expressing tagged channels in neurons to identify the portions of the molecule that are important for the localization differences. In addition, we are examining the localization properties of the mutant channels that cause epilepsy to determine if those alterations affect trafficking.

Requirements to Participate

COURSE COMPLETION: Biochemistry/Chemistry and Neuroscience

Time Commitment per Week

Minumum 6

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Effort, Attendance, Quality of Work.