Faculty Profile: Gee, Kelvin

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Gee, Kelvin
Lab Contact:
Ryan Yoshimura
Department: SOM - Pharmacology
Med Surg. II Room 385, 378 and 372

Research Description

The main focus of our laboratory is on the characterization of novel allosteric modulatory sites on receptors that are potential drug targets for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The design, delivery and development of novel compounds which modulate these sites can then be used to validate these targets in animal models of disease. Currently, our laboratory is involved in two areas of drug discovery research. This first area involves allosteric modulatory sites on gamma-aminobutyric acid-A (GABAA) receptors which have therapeutic relevance for disorders such as anxiety, epilepsy and insomnia. The second area involves allosteric modulatory sites on specific nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes which have therapeutic relevance for disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and autism. The development of novel compounds that selectively modulate these receptor systems represents a crucial step in the drug discovery process on the path to more effective treatments of these diseases. 199 students in our laboratory will learn and participate in the performance of various in vivo pharmacological methods to measure learning and memory performance in the rodent.

Requirements to Participate

End of sophomore year and beyond COURSE COMPLETION: Biological sciences and general chemistry

Time Commitment per Week

9-12 hrs/wk

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Participation in laboratory meetings and discussion of data from experiments in which the student helped conduct. Ability to learn the concepts used in the experimental studies and explain the rationale for these experiments.