Faculty Profile: Ganesan, Anand

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Ganesan, Anand
Lab Contact:
Anand Ganesan
(949) 824-0547
Department: SOM - Dermatology
Sprague Hall.

Research Description

Our laboratory is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate the production of melanin pigment in the melanocyte and the molecular mechanisms that control melanoma chemoresistance against multiple agents. Our work utilizes tissue culture models, mouse models, and also includes translational studies with human tissues

Requirements to Participate

REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE: Junior or Senior COURSE COMPLETION: completed introductory biology course and preferably a biochemistry or molecular biology laboratory course. OTHER: The undergraduate will need to be committed to research work and need to be able to work independently. Undergraduates with interest in pursuing a PhD or MD/PhD degree are preferred over those that are interested in entering medical school.

Time Commitment per Week

12-15 hrs per week

Faculty Means of Evaluation

The student will be evaluated based on their presentations in group meeting and their interactions with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the lab.