Faculty Profile: Gandhi, Sunil

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Gandhi, Sunil
Lab Contact:
Sunil Gandhi
(949) 824-8761
Department: Neurobiology & Behavior
McGaugh Hall

Research Description

The laboratory is focused on 1) discovering the developmental mechanisms that guide the experience-dependent organization of the juvenile brain, and 2) exploiting these mechanisms to reactivate brain plasticity in the adult brain. We perform our studies primarily in the visual system of mice, using a diverse array of experimental methods including neuronal culture and transplantation, in vivo two-photon imaging, viral and transgenic gene manipulations, optogenetics, and visually guided behavior. Since these techniques require considerable training, a multi-quarter commitment is needed. Students will be encouraged to develop an independent research project after acquiring necessary skills.

Requirements to Participate

We seek students that are highly self-motivated and eager to engage in research. Attendance at weekly lab meetings and sub-group meetings required. COURSE COMPLETION: N110 recommended but not essential

Time Commitment per Week

10 hrs/wk

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Grades depend on quality of work and time and effort committed.