Faculty Profile: Gall, Christine

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Gall, Christine
Lab Contact:
Christine Gall
Department: SOM - Anatomy & Neurobiology
Gillespie Neurosi. Res. Facility

Research Description

Synaptic mechanisms of learning and memory. Studies in rats and mice are evaluating mechanisms, and brain systems, involved in different forms of learning. This includes experiments evaluating the roles of modulatory substances (endocannabinoids, neurosteroids such as estrogen, growth factors) in functional synaptic plasticity and learning, and the basis of learning impairments in models of cognitive dysfunction (e.g., autism, Fragile X syndrome, aging). In addition we are studying how mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and learning differ between the sexes and change with maturation across puberty. Experiments involve behavioral, histological, microscopic (quantitative immunofluorescence), and electrophysiological techniques. We are also interested in persons with good computer skills for data analysis and for modeling treatment effects on behavior.

Requirements to Participate

Lab is full. Currently not seeking students for academic year 2019-2020. 3 - 4 hours per unit. Minimum 3 units. Persons need to work a somewhat flexible schedule to fit into the experimental plan.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Students are largely evaluated on effort, reliability (specifically keeping agreements as to when they will be in the lab and what functions they will be responsible for), and time commitment. Students are also expected to be good laboratory citizens and to contribute to maintenance of the facilities that they use.