Faculty Profile: Fruman, David

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Fruman, David
Lab Contact:
David Fruman
(949) 824-1947
Department: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
3407 McGaugh Hall.

Research Description

Phosphoinositide 3-kinases (PI3Ks) are a group of signaling enzymes that regulate most aspects of immune cell development and function. Increased PI3K signaling is associated with autoimmunity and cancer. Dr. Fruman's laboratory uses genetic and pharmacological approaches to define the unique and shared functions of PI3K isoforms in different lymphocyte subsets. The laboratory is also interested in the kinase mTOR, that is activated downstream of PI3K and other signals. Dr. Fruman's research group is testing novel inhibitors of PI3K and mTOR for potential therapeutic value in autoimmune diseases and leukemia.

Requirements to Participate

Attendance at lab meeting weekly, with an oral presentation once per quarter starting in the second quarter of enrollment. Submission of written summary of research progress at the end of each quarter. COURSE COMPLETION: Bio 97, 98 GRADE POINT AVERAGE: Minimum 3.0 in Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences courses

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Effort, attendance and progress in research skills.