Faculty Profile: Frostig, Ron

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Frostig, Ron
Lab Contact:
Ron Frostig
(949) 824-2883
Department: Neurobiology & Behavior
McGaugh Hall

Research Description

Our main research interests include basic and preclinical research of the structure, function and plasticity of the cerebral cortex _ the most sophisticated part of the brain believed to support higher brain functions like perception and learning and memory. Plasticity refers to the unique ability of the cortex to modify its structure and function depending on factors such as changes in the animal's environment, injury, and learning and memory. Most of our research focuses on the sensory subregions of the cortex (somatosensory, auditory and visual) in adult rodents (rats and mice). We apply many techniques to investigate the cortex such as functional imaging, neuronal recordings, histology, pharmacology, gene manipulations, and behavior. Examples of some recent research projects include: identifying a new type of plasticity where mild sensory stimulation (tactile or auditory) can completely protect the cortex from stroke; demonstrating massive cortical plasticity (structure and function) following the transfer of rodents from their single, small cages to a large specialized environment (?naturalistic habitat?) that encourages rodents to interact, play, dig tunnels, and forage; and elucidating fundamental principles of how structure and function of sensory cortex interact to support perception. For more details see our website at: http://frostiglab.bio.uci.edu/

Requirements to Participate

We are looking for students with strong curiosity and high level of self-motivation. COURSE COMPLETION: Bio N110 recommended but not essential.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Dependability, level of understanding and performance, and overall participation.