Faculty Profile: Forthal, Donald

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Forthal, Donald
Lab Contact:
Donald Forthal or Hiroki Saito
dnfortha@uci.edu or hirokis@uci.edu
949-824-3365 or 714-456-5135
Department: Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Hewitt Hall 3rd floor or Computer-based research

Research Description

Project #1 - Contact Professor Forthal at dnfortha@uci.edu or 949-824-3365. Location of research is Hewitt Hall 3rd floor. Research description:
HIV immunology. We work with antibodies to try to understand how they interact with cells involved in host defense. The research is ultimately aimed at developing a vaccine to prevent HIV infection. 3-4 hours/week. 3 quarters minimum; because of in-lab training requirements, we prefer those who can remain in the lab for more than one year. Grade is based on effort and attendance. Project #2 - Contact Hiroki Saito at hirokis@uci.edu or (714) 456-5135. Computer-based research location. Research description:
We are investigating the world’s medical literature in order to determine if there are biases in how clinical studies are published. In particular, we have found evidence that medical issues of specific importance to the developing world generate fewer publications than those of importance to developed countries; this bias may be related to drug company funding. 2-4 hours/week. No minimum quarter commitment. Require some computer skills. Grade is based on effort.