Faculty Profile: Allison, Steve

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Allison, Steve
Lab Contact:
Steve Allison
(949) 824-2341
Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
3108 Bio Sci 3

Research Description

My lab works at the interface between microbiology, ecosystem ecology, and global change. We study how microbes ?make a living? in the environment, and how they affect ecosystem processes, such as the break-down of dead plant material and the cycling of nutrients. Student projects may focus on field work, laboratory studies, and/or computer modeling. Summer and academic year positions are available.

Requirements to Participate

Students should be prepared to develop independent projects and spend at least 10 hours per week on research. A multi-quarter commitment is strongly preferred, and students will be expected to participate in lab activities and meetings. To apply for a position, please visit http://allison.bio.uci.edu , download the Bio 199 Research Application form, and send the form back to allisons@uci.edu.

Time Commitment per Week

10 hrs/wk

Faculty Means of Evaluation

grades will be based on time committed to the project and the quality of research