Faculty Profile: Edwards, Robert

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Edwards, Robert
Lab Contact:
Robert Edwards
(949) 824-8576
Department: SOM - Pathology
D435 Med Science I

Research Description

We study a mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease. The mouse is knocked out of the pertussis-toxin sensitive G-protein alpha subunits, Gia2. These animals spontaneously develop inflammation in the colon after 6 weeks of age which mimics Crohn's disease; these mice subsequently develop colon cancer. Our work has identified a number of signaling abnormalities whose potential contribution to the development of disease is being studied. We are interested in how the lack of Gia2 affects the development of the immune system, the intestinal epithelium, and how different cell types (epithelial, stromal, and lymphoid) that lack Gia2 interact in regulating mucosal immune responses and the development of cancer in these mice. The work involves mouse husbandry, animal and tissue culture experiments, nucleic acid protein work, and an array of analyte determinations.

Requirements to Participate

Completed standard prerequisites for Bio 199, at least a sophomore or greater. Prefer students with expressed interest in aspirations for advanced degrees in biological sciences.

Time Commitment per Week

8-10 hrs/wk