Faculty Profile: Demetriou, Michael

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Demetriou, Michael
Lab Contact:
Michael Demetriou
Department: SOM - Neurology
208 Sprague Hall

Research Description

The Demetriou lab is interested in understanding how genetic and metabolic regulation of protein glycosylation controls function and activity of cell surface glycoproteins. Virtually all cell surface and secreted proteins in animals are modified by the addition of complex carbohydrates in the ER/Golgi secretory pathway, imparting substantial molecular information not encoded by the genome. We find that genetic, metabolic and environmental regulation of Golgi N-glycosylation controls macromolecular complexes on the cell surface to influence cell growth, differentiation and disease states such as autoimmunity. We are currently further defining the role of N-glycosylation in B cell development, immunosenescence, and exploring supplementation of the N-glycan biosynthesis as a therapeutic strategy to suppress an underlying molecular defect promoting human autoimmunity.

Time Commitment per Week

3 - 4 hours per unit. 2 year commitment. Minimum 4 units.