Faculty Profile: Dai, Xing

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Dai, Xing
Lab Contact:
Xing Dai
(949) 824-3101
Department: SOM - Biological Chemistry
Med Sci I D288

Research Description

My laboratory studies the chromatin/transcriptional control of mammalian epithelial development and homeostasis, and how the epigenetic control mechanisms go awry during tumorigenesis. We focus on two closely related model tissues, namely mammary gland and skin (including hair follicle), and two classes of regulatory proteins, namely Pygo chromatin effectors and Ovol DNA-binding transcription factors. We employ a multidisciplinary approach combining mouse genetics with molecular/mechanistic studies to link the biological functions of these proteins in mammary and skin stem/progenitor cells to their biochemical activities in target gene expression and histone modification.

Requirements to Participate

REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE: interested in research, motivated to learn COURSE COMPLETION: Bio lab

Time Commitment per Week

10-15 hrs/wk

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Grade will be assigned based on hours spent, effort level, and work progress.