Faculty Profile: Marangoni, Francesco

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Marangoni, Francesco
Lab Contact:
Francesco Marangoni
Department: Physiology and Biophysics
Hewitt Hall

Research Description

The specialty of the lab is to study the basic mechanisms of immune responses to tumors using dynamic intravital microscopy, a state-of-the-art technology that allows the direct visualization of immune cells and their interactions and functions in living animals.
We generate vivid footage of immunity, that subsequently needs to be analyzed to extract quantitative information. The basis of this job is to apply footage analysis software (Imaris) to identify cells and track their trajectories. After tracking, a wealth of motility parameters can be extracted and their relation to cellular function can be studied. We need one student interested in image analysis to be our lab "Tracker", working in close contact with our Intravital Microscopy scientist-in-charge Shiva Othy.

Requirements to Participate

Interest in immunology and in analyzing biological phenomena through footage quantification.

Time Commitment per Week

3-4 hours/week per unit, minimum 3 units. Preference for 2 years, but we will consider promising candidates committing for one year only.

What does it take to complete this course?

Attendance: 20Pts (working assigned hours, being on time) Lab Work: 40Pts (quality, accuracy, integrated.synthesis of information and safety) Communication: 20Pts (Written/Oral reports, questions and discussion with mentor) Lab citizenship: 20Pts (organization, clean up and follow through) Total: 100 points

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Lab Work: 60Pts (quality, accuracy)
Communication: 20Pts (constant communication with Shiva)
Lab citizenship: 20Pts (organization)
Total: 100 points

Students that will provide useful data will be included in publications.