Faculty Profile: Marsden, Matthew

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Marsden, Matthew
Lab Contact:
Matthew Marsden
Department: Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Med Sci B Room 228 (UCI main campus)

Research Description

Research in the Marsden lab is focused on HIV cure. Our goals are to study how HIV persists in infected people who are taking antiretroviral therapy and to develop methods for eliminating this residual virus. A major component of this research is understanding how HIV establishes latent infection in CD4+ T cells and potentially other cell types in vivo. We are also actively exploring signal transduction pathways (including protein kinase C pathways) that can induce expression of latent virus allowing the host cells to be killed. Undergraduate researchers are not permitted to work with infectious HIV but can contribute to this research by learning and applying a wide range of molecular and cellular techniques used to study viral reservoirs.

Requirements to Participate

UCI undergraduate with background in biology who is eligible for Bio199 program. Must be able to fulfill time commitment, conduct experiments carefully and methodically, maintain lab notebook, and have an enthusiasm for science. 3-5 units (9-20h/week) and 2 year commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance, organization, and participation: 20Pts
Lab work: 45Pts
Presentation and report: 20Pts
Critical thinking and data interpretation: 15Pts