Faculty Profile: Pratt, Jessica

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Pratt, Jessica
Lab Contact:
Jessica Pratt
Department: Ecology and Evolution Biology
On or near campus, mostly field-based

Research Description

Dr. Pratt's research involves applied conservation work, often in collaboration with environmental non-profit organizations, with the overarching goal of understanding and mitigating threats to biodiversity locally. Most research is project-based and designed to respond to emergent needs in the local conservation community, thus the scope and scale of projects varies through time.

Requirements to Participate

As a professor of teaching, Dr. Pratt does not have a traditional research lab space. Her work is project-based and emerges from local collaborations, thus, there are only opportunities for students who respond to a specific announcement seeking Bio 199 students for an advertised project. There are no "general research" positions offered by Dr. Pratt. Any research projects seeking a Bio 199 student will describe the requirements associated to that specific research project. Students may apply for Bio 199 research by email to Dr. Pratt, including a resume, general availability, and a statement of interest regarding the specific project to which they are applying.
3-4 hours per week, per unit; preference given to a one-year commitment and to EEB majors, but specifics depend on project.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Students will be evaluated based on their successful completion of activities agreed upon at the beginning of the project, which may include attending meetings, reading scientific literature or research proposals, field work, data collection and entry, and sharing project results with research partners. Students will be evaluated on the following: completing agreed upon tasks/hours in an effective and timely manner (40%); documenting progress and maintaining professional communications with project team members (40%); maintaining a high quality of work and demonstrated commitment to the project (20%).