Faculty Profile: McNulty, Reginald

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McNulty, Reginald
Lab Contact:
Reggie McNulty
Department: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
540 Steinhaus

Research Description

We determine structures of proteins involved in inflammation and cancer. Since the structure of a protein is directly related to its function, structure determination will enable rational drug design to inhibit the protein response. We employ Cryo-electron microscopy and other biophysical techniques to determine macromolecular structure. Skills gained will be commensurate with experience, but can include the following: PCR, cloning, protein expression and purification, mammalian cell culture, and functional assays using immune cells, Cryo-EM, and X-ray crystallography.

Requirements to Participate

Any student may apply. We welcome diversity from all backgrounds. 4 hours/week per unit.
2 year commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 30 points
Lab Work: 40 points
Communication: 10 points
Lab Citizenship: 10 points
Total: 100 points