Faculty Profile: Cramer, Karina

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Cramer, Karina
Lab Contact:
Karina Cramer
(949) 824-4211
Department: Neurobiology and Behavior
2113 McGaugh Hall

Research Description

Our laboratory studies the development and plasticity of brain circuitry. We focus on auditory system pathways that are needed for sound localization. Our research has shown that these brain areas are affected in models of neurodevelopmental disorders. We study the roles of axon guidance molecules and other factors in setting up precise connections in the brain. We are also studying the roles of glial cells in the formation and maturation of circuits. Developmental mechanisms are often reinstated after injury. Our research also addresses the extent to which these mechanisms facilitate recovery after damage in the central nervous system.

Requirements to Participate

3 - 4 hours per unit. 1 year Commitment. Minimum 3 units.