Faculty Profile: Kipp, Alex

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Kipp, Alex
Lab Contact:
Alex Kipp
(657) 282-6355
Department: Family Medicine
UCI Family Health Center

Research Description

Seeking self-motivated students who are willing to assist and lead various aspects of research projects within UCI Family Health Center, particularly through the lenses of health equity, integrative medicine modalities, and health care delivery. Students will be able to participate in all aspects of research, commensurate with their interest and experience, including project design, hypothesis formulation, IRB application, data collection, and synthesis/analysis of said data. Research will be presented in a variety of formats, including poster presentations at regional and national conferences, submission to appropriate journals, or local/regional conference presentations.

Research will be centered at UCI Family Health Center, and will be designed and implemented with goal of providing medically appropriate and culturally sensitive care to our patients.
Some examples of research being performed:
A study of how messaging can alter patients' perceptions regarding integrative medicine
A study of how transitioning from in person training to virtual training alters the learning and retention of material.

Requirements to Participate

Students should expect to work independently under the guidance of Dr. Kipp. Students should be familiar with performing literature reviews, using the scientific method, data entry, analysis, and presentation of analysis. Students will be interacting with participants, largely at the clinic, and will be expected to be professional and courteous. Students should expect to meet with Dr. Kipp on a weekly basis, and have some availability to work during business hours. Dependent on research project and student involvement. Minimum of 1 unit for 1 year, or 2-3 units for 6 months.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 15%
Professionalism: 15%
Research Implementation: 40% (including data preparation, collection and analysis)
Communication: 30% (including written and oral reports, presentations as needed)