Faculty Profile: Senthil, Maheswari

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Senthil, Maheswari
Lab Contact:
Maheswari Senthil
Department: Surgery
Building 55

Research Description

Dr. Senthil's laboratory research consists of translational and basic science research projects designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis, an advanced and deadly form of cancer metastasis. Dr. Senthil's team is developing rodent models of peritoneal carcinomatosis to investigate variations in response to intraperitoneal treatment in different molecular subtypes of cancer and to develop novel intraperitoneal treatment to treat peritoneal carcinomatosis. Dr. Senthil and her team of collaborators at UCI and other reputed institutions are developing an exosomes-based liquid biopsy that could serve as a diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive tool. Exosomes are stable, nanovesicles released abundantly by cancer cells and play a crucial role in cancer inter-cellular communication. Transcriptomic signals and surface proteins carried by exosomes are currently being studied in her laboratory to develop a refined and clinically applicable liquid biopsy tool. This translational work requires isolation of exosomes, performance of western blot, RT-PCR, and flow cytometry. Students will be able to get hands-on- experience in these techniques with the guidance of a designated scientist. Dr. Senthil is involved in several investigator-initiated clinical trials to develop novel strategies to treat patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis and leads the correlative science studies. Undergraduate students joining Dr. Senthil’s research team will be able to choose the research projects that meet their research interest and career objectives. Dr. Senthil is a highly-respected educator and is actively involved in teaching students. She has received numerous awards for her commitment and dedication to educational excellence including, Golden apple award and Arnold P. Gold award for humanism and leadership.

Requirements to Participate

Students with strong interest in laboratory science and good academic standing with GPA of 3.0 or higher are encouraged to apply. One-year commitment, 4 hours/ week/per unit.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance : 30 points
Lab work: 30 points
Communication: 25 points
Lab Citizenship: 15 points