Faculty Profile: Gonen, Shane

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Gonen, Shane
Lab Contact:
Shane Gonen
(949) 824-2896
Department: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
3450 McGaugh Hall

Research Description

The Gonen lab focuses on CryoEM through both biology and method development. Our group is interested in complex biological systems and membrane protein structure and function as well as developing new methodologies in CryoEM mainly through computational protein design.

CryoEM is a powerful structural biology method. We image proteins that we freeze in near-native states in order to observe their dynamic, atomic-level structures. On the way to solving these structures, the lab leverages computational processing, scripting, biochemical techniques and microscopy.

Students in my lab will have the oppertunity to learn both basic biochemistry techniques as well as specialized computational, biochemical and/or microscopy skills.

Requirements to Participate

Motivated students who are ready to be consistently engaged in lab activities.
A completed relevant biochemistry course (e.g. BIO98). 12 Hrs/week and minimum of 2 year commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Lab work and engagement, short presentations per quarter in lab meetings, attendance and good communication.