Faculty Profile: Lindsay, Karen

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Lindsay, Karen
Lab Contact:
Karen Lindsay
Department: Pediatrics
5141 California Ave, Irvine and ICTS

Research Description

My research involves behavioral interventions with pregnant women, with an emphasis on low-income and minority groups, as well as overweight and obesity in pregnancy. Current studies focus on the interplay between prenatal nutrition and stress and the effects on maternal glucose/insulin and lipid metabolism post meals. Students will support a variety of practical activities related to scheduling participant visits, preparation of materials for study visits, coordinating digital platforms (e.g. RedCap surveys, wearable devices) for data collection, data cleaning and processing, handling/transporting biological specimens (e.g. blood, saliva), assisting with study protocols for inducing mild stress and providing test meals. Study visits may take place at the ICTS facilities either in Irvine or at the Medical Center in Orange. Training will be provided. Oral and/or written proficiency in Spanish is desirable and preferences will be given to these students.

Requirements to Participate

6-12 hours/week. 1 year commitment; Interest in nutrition/public health/stress biology/pregnancy; comfortable and respectful communicating with patients.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 20% (working assigned hours, punctuality)
Lab Work: 40% (quality, accuracy, integrated synthesis of information, patient safety and privacy)
Communication: 20% (respect towards mentors and participants, lab meeting participation, questions and discussion with mentor)
Lab citizenship: 20% (organization, clean up and follow through)