Faculty Profile: Gao, Ling

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Gao, Ling
Lab Contact:
Aarthi Kannan
562-826-8000, x1-3072
Department: Dermatology
VA Long Beach Medical Center

Research Description

Dr. Gao is a physician-scientist focused on improving care for Merkel cell carcinoma, a rare but aggressive skin cancer, using basic science, translational, and clinical approaches. As undergraduate researchers in Gao lab, students will be introduced to basic principles and protocols in biomedical research, including training in cell culture and molecular biology techniques, as well as routine laboratory tasks. Responsibilities include the following: (i) complete research assignments under the tutelage of supervisor and laboratory staff, (ii) maintain thorough records for research assignments, (iii) prepare tables, graphs, and/or written reports summarizing any results, (iv) assist with routine laboratory tasks and clerical duties as instructed, (v) manage and respond to project-related emails, (vi) meet regularly with supervisor to discuss research assignments, and (vii) related duties as required.

Requirements to Participate

Requirements: General background in biology and interest in cancer research. Strong motivation, good organizational skills, quick study and receptive to taking work direction.
Prerequisites: Completion of bio sci core and consent of instructor.
Commitment: 8-10 hours/week during academic year, with option of full-time project during summer/winter break, as student's schedule and laboratory schedule permits.
Other requirements: Applicant must be in good academic standing, preferably in junior year or later. Applicant must be able to commute to Long Beach VA Medical Center where the research laboratory is located.
3 - 4 hours per unit. 1 year Commitment. Minimum 2 units.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Quality of work and data collection, quality of laboratory documentation, communication skills, proper use of lab equipment, following appropriate lab and university-mandated safety protocols, initiative and overall enthusiasm for research.