Faculty Profile: Bohlson, Suzanne

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Bohlson, Suzanne
Lab Contact:
Suzanne Bohlson
Department: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
2419 McGaugh Hall

Research Description

Specific cells in the body are designed to ingest dangerous particles, such as invading bacteria. These professional eating cells, or phagocytes, also eat dead or dying cells. This process of clearance of dead or dying cells is necessary to allow for the repair of damaged tissue, and to maintain normal tissue. When this process of cellular ingestion (phagocytosis) is dysregulated, the body becomes susceptible to chronic infections and autoimmunity. My research focuses on phagocyte recognition and clearance events with the goal of developing therapies that strengthen the body's ability to ingest and destroy infectious particles or dead/dying cells.

Requirements to Participate

May vary depending on assignment. 3 - 4 hours per unit.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

The evaluation will cover attendance, lab work, record keeping, responsible conduct in research, initiative, communication and lab citizenship.