Faculty Profile: Lee, Grace Yuh Chwen

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Lee, Grace Yuh Chwen
Lab Contact:
Grace Lee
Department: Ecology and Evolutionary BIology
McGaugh Hall Room 5323

Research Description

We study how eukaryotic genomes evolve. We focus on the evolution of a widespread genomic parasite, “transposable elements” (TEs), who can copy themselves and move to new genomic locations. TEs have been found in virtually all eukaryotes. In fact, they occupy at least 40% of human genome! We study how TEs are harmful to their hosts and how selection against these harmful effects influences the evolution of host genomes. We use Drosophila (fruit flies hovering over fruits!) as a model system, and combine approaches of population genetics, genomics, epigenetics, and chromosome biology.

Requirements to Participate

There are two types of potential projects in the lab: experimental or computational. They have different requirements.
For both types of projects, students are expected to be interested in genetics, be eager to learn, have good organizing skills, be attentive to details, willing to work as a team, and can effectively communicate. Most importantly, students need to show their commitment to the project and take this research opportunity seriously.

Experimental project:
Pre-requisite: Biosci 93 and 94.
Preferred: Bio 97 and have taken at least one biology lab course or other lab experience
Need to be comfortable working with fruit flies. May occasionally need come in to the lab 5 days a week for fruit fly culturing.

Computational project:
Biology-related major
Have experience in one of the following programming languages (Perl, Python, R, C, C++)
Previous experience with Unix environment and HPC3 is preferred, but not required.

3 - 4 hours per unit. Expect 10+ hours per week. At least 1 year commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 25Pts (being on time, working assigned hours)
Scientific work: 50Pts (quality of the science, synthesis of information, written and oral reports, discussions with lab members and mentor, safety)
Lab citizenship: 25Pts (follow lab rules closely, organization, clean up after work)