Faculty Profile: Golshani, Kiarash

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Golshani, Kiarash
Lab Contact:
Jeein Kim
Department: Neurosurgery
UCI Medical Center

Research Description

UC Irvine's Department of Neurological Surgery is actively engaged in various areas of research including stroke, aneurysm, traumatic head injuries, and spine through both industry-sponsored clinical trials as well as investigator initiated studies. Students will have a chance to be engaged in different types of research areas and activities according to their interest and availability. This is a great opportunity for students who want to get “real-world” experience through clinical trials as well as engaging research initiated by a faculty member.

Requirements to Participate

-At least 1 year committment
-Must have your own means of transportation or able to take the shuttle from campus to med center
-Packets must be submitted for signature by the 1t Friday of each quarter
- Final assignment must be submitted by end of Week 10
- 4 hours/ week per unit

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 30 points

- Includes responding to emails within a timely manner and attending in persons meeting

Research Work: 70 points