Faculty Profile: Cinquin, Oliver

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Cinquin, Oliver
Lab Contact:
Oliver Cinquin
(949) 824-9822
Department: Developmental & Cell Biology
4103 McGaugh Hall

Research Description

Multicellular organisms have evolved a great variety of cell types that perform specialized functions. Stem cell progeny that are destined to differentiate proliferate transiently and choose one of those cell types. This differentiation process, of great spatial and temporal precision, is at the heart of development and organ homeostasis. How differentiation is controlled is thus a question of tremendous importance from scientific and therapeutic standpoints. Although much progress has been made over the last century, a major stumbling block has appeared in the form of the complexity of the regulatory networks controlling differentiation. One of our approaches is to start from a fecund, simple model organ whose regulation has been extensively characterized at the genetic and biochemical levels: the C. elegans germ line. We ask how the current knowledge of regulatory parts all fits together to explain organ-level behavior. We perform experiments that target organ-level behavior of the germ line, rather than individual genes in the regulatory network. Guided by these experiments, and building on knowledge generated by many labs over the past 30 years, we use mathematical and computational methods to analyze how the regulatory network accounts for organ-level control of cell proliferation and differentiation.

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Faculty Means of Evaluation

50% two page report summarizing the experiment, data gathered and conclusions. 50% quality of the experiments.