Faculty Profile: Pannunzio, Nicholas Robert

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Pannunzio, Nicholas Robert
Lab Contact:
Nick Pannunzio
Department: Medicine
124 Sprague Hall

Research Description

Leukemia and Lymphoma are a family of diverse blood cancers affecting B and T cells. In most B cell malignancies, the first step that transforms a normal cell into a cancer cell is a dramatic type of genome rearrangement known as a chromosomal translocation. Surprisingly, the cause of the vast majority of these translocations remains a mystery. Research in the Pannunzio lab focuses on uncovering the mechanisms that lead to broken chromosomes and subsequent oncogenic DNA rearrangements. We work in human B cells, and other genetic model systems, employing the latest cutting-edge genomics technology to further our understanding of cancer etiology. Our long-term goal is to develop predictive diagnostics based upon a patient’s genetic background, lifestyle, and environmental exposure to DNA damaging agents.

Requirements to Participate

Curiosity, interested in research, motivated to learn.
1 year Commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 35Pts (working assigned hours, punctuality, reliability)
Lab Work: 35Pts (quality and accuracy of bench work and laboratory notebook)
Communication: 20Pts (Written/Oral reports, discussing science with mentor and other lab members)
Lab Citizenship: 10Pts (working with the team to help maintain a clean and organized laboratory)