Faculty Profile: Nelson, Edward L

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Nelson, Edward L
Lab Contact:
Dr. Jo Anne Tucker
Department: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Sprague Hall

Research Description

We have a novel platform developed in collaboration with our Electrical and Computer Engineering colleagues, which permits us to identify, recover, and study putative cancer stem cells and other rare cellular subtypes from tumors. This platform utilizes multichannel immunofluorescent imaging, cellular and molecular biology.

Requirements to Participate

At least one year of biology related course work. 2 year commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance 25 points (working when you say you will work, being on time)
Lab work 50 points (quality, accuracy, safety, critical thinking, learning, and integration of techniques and knowledge into your work)
Communication 12.5 points (oral communication in lab meetings and discussions with mentors, written reports / manuscripts)
Lab Citizenship 12.5 points (organization, clean up, follow through, adherence to good laboratory etiquette)
Total: 100 points