Faculty Profile: Head, Elizabeth

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Head, Elizabeth
Lab Contact:
Elizabeth Head
Department: Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Gillespie Neuroscience Research Facility

Research Description

People with Down syndrome are at high risk of developing Alzheimer disease due to an extra copy of chromosome 21. Our laboratory identifies molecular pathways associated with the development of Alzheimer disease in the brains of people with Down syndrome. Students will learn human brain anatomy, perform immunohistochemistry experiments, Western blotting, whole slide imaging, digital pathology and how to analyze data.

Requirements to Participate

Familiarity with basic laboratory procedures, a background in biology, expertise with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word), and ability to work in a team setting. Students will be required to maintain a lab notebook, reliably report to the lab. 3 - 4 hours per unit.
1 year Commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance - 20 pts (reporting on time, and working assigned hours)
Lab Work - 40 pts (attention to detail, lab notebook maintenance, accuracy and quality)
Communication -20 pts (abstract writing, participating in laboratory meetings, meeting with mentor and working with lab Project Scientist)
Lab citizenship - 20 pts (organization, maintain a clean and safe lab space, working with a team)
Total - 100 pts