Faculty Profile: Choi, Bernard

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Choi, Bernard
Lab Contact:
Bernard Choi
(949) 824-9491
Department: SOM - Biomedical Engineering
Beckman Laser Institute

Research Description

The mission of the Choi Microvascular Therapeutics & Imaging (MTI) Lab is to develop instrumentation and employ methods to improve in vivo characterization of the microvasculature. 199 students in my laboratory work in a multidisciplinary environment at the intersection of engineering, vascular biology, and clinical medicine. I strongly encourage independent research projects which encompass at least one (oftentimes several) of the following topics: 1. Optical imaging instrument development/characterization 2. Animal surgery 3. Clinical research 4. Light-based therapy monitoring 5. Computational modeling The most updated list of research opportunities can be viewed at the MTI lab website: http://choi.bli.uci.edu/

Requirements to Participate

Requirements vary by project. I am most interested in students who have at least two years to commit to research in my lab. COURSE COMPLETION: Course requirements vary by project. 8+ hrs/week.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

I evaluate productivity and effort, and ability to integrate into the existing MTI lab framework.