Faculty Profile: Cho, Ken

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Cho, Ken
Lab Contact:
Ken Cho
(949) 824-7950
Department: Developmental & Cell Biology
4400 Natural Sciences II

Research Description

In our laboratory we are interested in understanding growth factor signaling in early vertebrate embryogenesis. Using functional genomics along with molecular biology, we are investigating the morphological regulation of tumor growth factor-_ (TGF_) signaling in Xenopus and Mouse. Particularly, work for this project will contribute to elucidation of BMP signaling in pre and post implantation stages of mouse embryos.

Requirements to Participate

Applicant should have completed the first two years of Bio Sci Core courses. Preference will be given to junior students. COURSE COMPLETION: It is helpful if the applicant has completed D103 or D104, but not required.

Time Commitment per Week


Faculty Means of Evaluation

Quality and quantity of work.