Faculty Profile: Buisson, Remi

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Buisson, Remi
Lab Contact:
Remi Buisson
Department: Biological Chemistry
328 Sprague Hall

Research Description

Genomic instability is a hallmark of cancer. On one hand, genomic instability of cancer cells promotes loss of tumor suppressors and activation of oncogenes. On the other hand, genomic instability renders cancer cells susceptible to radiation and chemotherapy. The laboratory focus on dissecting mechanisms that result in compromised genomic integrity and study DNA repair pathways to understand how cells fix their genome. The long-term goal of our research is developing new strategies to eliminate cancer cells with high genomic instability to provide needed insight into potential novel targeted therapies.

Requirements to Participate

1 year Commitment.
Minimum 3 units.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 20Pts (working assigned hours, being on time)
Lab Work: 40Pts (quality, accuracy, integrated.synthesis of information and safety)
Communication: 20Pts (Written/Oral reports, questions and discussion with mentor)
Lab citizenship: 20Pts (organization, clean up and follow through)
Total: 100 points