Faculty Profile: Kimball, Sarah

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Kimball, Sarah
Lab Contact:
Sarah Kimball
Department: Center for Environmental Biology
3110 BioSci 3

Research Description

CEB conducts collaborative research with multiple stakeholders to inform active adaptive management of natural resources. We conduct monitoring to determine how changing climatic conditions influence the resilience of ecological communities. Our experimental work compares multiple management practices, such as restoration techniques, to identify best practices. We work across multiple scales (from cells to populations to communities and ecosystems) to address questions related to the fundamental biology of organisms with a focus on long-term sustainability of natural systems.

Requirements to Participate

Students interested in becoming CEB interns should apply at the following website: http://ceb.bio.uci.edu/intern-programs/ceb-internship/
3 - 4 hours per unit.

1 year Commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Grades will be based on time committed to the project and the quality of research.