Faculty Profile: Parsons, Michael

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Parsons, Michael
Lab Contact:
Michael Parsons
949 824 8728
Department: Developmental & Cell Biology
Natural Sciences Building II

Research Description

Diabetes is associated with a loss of insulin-producing β cells. The goal of the Parsons lab is to find therapeutic routes that can increase β-cell numbers and reverse the diabetic state. We utilize the zebrafish as a model system in order to expedite the discovery of the mechanisms that regulate the production of β cells from stem cells.

Requirements to Participate

3 - 4 hours per unit.

1 year Commitment.

Minimum 3 units. Requirements: possess good communication skills, enthusiastic to learn new molecular biology techniques, conscientious in data keeping and pays attention to detail in their research. 4-5 hours per unit. Minimum hours per week is 15. Minimum unit enrollment for Bio 199 is 3 units. Must be able to commit 1 year to the lab. GPA requirement must be a 3.0 or higher. Prospective students must submit a CV/resume and unofficial transcript via email. We are highly interested in people who want t

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 20Pts (working assigned hours, being on time) Lab Work: 40Pts (quality, accuracy, integrated.synthesis of information and safety) Communication: 20Pts (Written/Oral reports, questions and discussion with mentor) Lab citizenship: 20Pts (organization, clean up and follow through).