Faculty Profile: Calof, Anne

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Calof, Anne
Lab Contact:
Anne Calof
(949) 824-5745
Department: SOM - Anatomy & Neurobiology
2300 Bio Sci III

Research Description

Using genomic and developmental genetics of the mouse to understand:
1. Principles of developmental size control
2. Cell lineage progression and feedback in stem cell fate determination
3. Origins of complex developmental phenotypes in birth defects syndromes
4. Stem cell diversification at the single cell level using RNA sequencing and high-resolution optics

Requirements to Participate

Minimum Sophomore (for exceptional cases) or Junior standing, willingness to perform 1st quarter Pass/no pass basis to learn lab techniques, attend weekly lab meetings, and present research in lab meetings. Successful 199 students from the laboratory frequently become authors on papers published in scientific journals, and may have the opportunity to present their research at national conferences. At least 12 hours per week.