Faculty Profile: Masri, Selma

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Masri, Selma
Lab Contact:
Selma Masri
Department: Biological Chemistry
Sprague Hall, Room 340

Research Description

Research in the Masri lab is aimed at understanding the relationship between disruption of circadian rhythms and tumorigenesis. We are interested in two research questions. The first question relates to how genetic disruption of the circadian clock in mouse models alters tumorigenesis both at the level of initiation and disease progression. The second question is aimed at elucidating the systemic crosstalk between tumors and peripheral tissues and how cancer cells are able to rewire circadian metabolism at a distance. The Masri lab utilizes genetic mouse models, basic molecular and cell biology, as well as genome-wide ‘omics’ approaches to determine changes in gene expression programs, histone modifications, and alterations in metabolites using metabolomics.

Requirements to Participate

1 year Commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 40pts
Lab Bench Work: 40 pts
Lab citizenship: 10pts
Final lab presentation: 10pts