Faculty Profile: Chung, Judith

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Chung, Judith
Lab Contact:
Veronica Miclat
714 456-5967
B MFM Research
Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology
UCI Health

Research Description

We are evaluating and looking for tests to identify the risk of developing pregnancy problems in women who are pregnant for the first time. For this follow-up study, the same women will be evaluated over a few years following the pregnancy to see if there are early signs of cardiovascular disease in those who had problem pregnancies.

Requirements to Participate

3 - 4 hours per unit.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Lab Work: 70Pts (quality, accuracy, integrated.synthesis of information and safety). Lab citizenship: 15Pts (organization, clean up and follow through). Attendance: 15Pts (working assigned hours, being on time)