Faculty Profile: Mesinkovska, Natasha

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Mesinkovska, Natasha
Lab Contact:
Patricia Summerville
Department: Dermatology
Hewitt Hall Dermatology Research Center

Research Description

The dermatology clinical research center is located in Hewitt Hall and has a tradition of conducting clinical trials in skin and hair, including psoriasis, eczema, alopecia and skin cancers among others. We study novel medications and devices, such as lasers.
Students will get a chance to learn how to analyze skin diseases, collect data, work on registries and have close patient contact.
Students will understand the experimental studies needed prior to approving a medication for market.
This is a perfect opportunity for anyone contemplating health sciences as a career choice.
The student is expected to work as a part of a team and contribute in all aspects of research from communicating and assisting physicians, patients, collecting data and data entry. The student will work closely with the research coordinators. The students will also get a close mentorship from the Principal investigator.
Enrolled students will have the opportunity to determine the direction of their own project and work towards completing a presentation at a national research meeting and/or a publication.

Requirements to Participate

1-2 year commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 20. Research work: 50. Communication: 30.