Faculty Profile: Campbell, Diane

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Campbell, Diane
Lab Contact:
Diane Campbell
(949) 824-2242
Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
459 Steinhaus Hall

Research Description

Research in my lab concern the mechanisms of evolution in natural plant populations. Current projects focus on plant hybrid zones. We are comparing the fitness of plant hybrids to that of the parental species to test particular models for genetic differentiation and evolution of new species. Approaches include experimental field studies in the Colorado Rockies and the eastern Sierras. These involve measurement of insect and bird pollinator behavior, pollination success, photosynthetic and other physiological traits, and seed production in common gardens. At UCI we do greenhouse studies of floral and physiological traits, and DNA analyses to examine the genetic structure of natural hybrid zones.

Requirements to Participate

Students with strong interest in ecology, genetics, and/or evolution. Bio 93 and 94 required. Bio 97 and E106 are helpful.

Time Commitment per Week

6-12 hours/ wk