Faculty Profile: Igarashi, Kei

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Igarashi, Kei
Lab Contact:
Kei Igarashi
Department: Anatomy & Neurobiology
Irvine Hall

Research Description

Our work focuses on recording neuronal activities while mice are performing behavioral tasks. We study how action potential information carried by individual neurons generate memory, and how impairment of such information leads to Alzheimer's disease. The routine works in the lab includes animal training, construction of electrodes and miniature recording apparatus under microscopes, animal surgeries, recording neuronal activities, histological analysis of the brain and computational analyses of recorded data using Matlab.

Requirements to Participate

We are interested in having students who want to pursue their career as neuroscience researchers. This time we will accept senior students who want to continue their career as a fully-paid research technician in our lab after graduation this summer. Preference will be given to students with strong interest in in vivo systems neuroscience research. Students will complete all lab safety training and attend lab meetings. Time Commitment: 2+ hrs / day and lab meetings.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Quality of work and effort committed to the project.