Faculty Profile: Lotfipour, Shahrdad

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Lotfipour, Shahrdad
Lab Contact:
Shahrdad Lotfipour, Ph.D.
Department: Emergency Medicine
UC Irvine Medical School Main Campus, Med Surge II, Room 303, Irvine, CA 92612

Research Description

Research objectives of the laboratory & Bio Sci 199 course in Addiction Biology are to understand the mechanisms mediating adolescent substance use addictive disorders. Special interest is in understanding how brain and behavior interact with environment (i.e. developmental drug exposure) to influence addiction. Focus is placed on midbrain and limbic brain regions in modulating baseline and drug-induced brain and behavior associations. The longterm goals of the research studies are to further our understanding of the impact of drugs of abuse on the developing brain and behavior. The information gathered aims to assist in the development of better prevention and intervention strategies for the reduction of adolescent addictive disorders in the future. Overall, the research program & Addiction Biology (Bio Sci 199) course aim to inspire and teach UCI undergraduate students through selective one-on-one instruction with interactive bench-to-bedside translational research studies in the discipline of developmental neuropsychopharmacology, with the integration of molecular neurobiology, pharmacology, neurochemistry, brain imaging and/or behavior. The goal is to provide a unique opportunity for students to study how simple molecules and complex environments interact to influence brain and behavior in animal models of addiction, with translational relevance to the adolescent human population. Students applying for the research program & Addiction Biology (Bio Sci 199) course should have the the following personal characteristics: be highly motivated, independent, reliable, detail-oriented, punctual, confident, mature, well-rounded, conscientious, with excellent communications skills (written and oral), and who aspire to be leaders in their chosen field of study. In particular, students interested in pursuing the fields of industry, medicine and/or science, are highly sought after. Students from diverse backgrounds from all disciplines are encouraged to apply, particularly those who wish to build hands-on laboratory and/or life skills to be effective future mentors, instructors, doctors, and scientific colleagues. Overall, the goal of the research program & Bio Sci 199 course in Addiction Biology is to develop undergraduate students who will have personal, scientific and/or community outreach skills that can successfully lead them to compete for top graduate programs and/or careers, in order to pursue a lifelong devotion to academics, research and/or medicine. Students interested in scientific publishing, grant writing, presentations, and/or learning hands-on laboratory skills in the disciplines of brain imaging, pharmacology, neurochemistry, drug addiction, adolescent neurobiology and/or behavior are all encouraged to apply. Students should be interested in investing a minimum of at least two-years into the research program as well as 15-20 hours / week into the Bio Sci 199 course in Addiction Biology. For Bio Sci majors, students should have already completed Bio Sci 94 & Bio Sci 194S. Non-Bio Sci majors are not required to take Bio Sci 94. When applying for this position, please email your expression of interest, curriculum vitae (with contact information for 1-2 references) and academic transcript to: shahrdad@uci.edu (http://www.faculty.uci.edu/profile.cfm?faculty_id=6177). When expressing your interest via email, please also include 1-3 paragraphs on: (i) Why you are specifically interested in applying for this research opportunity & Addiction Biology (Bio Sci 199) course, (ii) What you hope to attain & learn from this research opportunity & Addiction Biology (Bio Sci 199) course, and, (iii) Why you are particularly well suited for this research opportunity & Addiction Biology (Bio Sci 199) course. For work-study students, please include this information as part of your application. For high school or non-UCI students, acceptance may be granted into the laboratory based on an individual bases and requirements set forth by the Student Research Intern Program (SRIP). Please send your expression of interest to the above email.

Time Commitment per Week

3 - 4 hours per unit. 2 year commitment. Minimum 3 units. Minimum 4 units.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Students will be evaluated based on attendance, lab citizenship, communication and their laboratory work. In particular, students will be in encouraged and evaluated on their participation in giving oral presentations as well as: reading/writing research papers, protocols, summary statements, scientific proposals, applying for Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program grants, and/or actively participating in research meetings and/or the laboratory.