Faculty Profile: Chen, Jefferson

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Chen, Jefferson
Lab Contact:
Jeff Chen
Department: NeuroSurgery
UCI medical center, Orange

Research Description

There are several ongoing research initiatives in neurosurgery. Some of these are 1. Multimodal Brain Monitoring in patients with head injury or stroke, 2. Development and implementation of new technologies for the ICU, 3. Assessment of Clinical and radiographic parameters of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, 4. A retrospective review of the incidence of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus amongst patients that suffer ground level falls, 5. Assessment of new learning paradigms for medical students and residents in the neurosciences, 6. The development and implementation of new learning tools for patients and their families. BioSci 199 students may be involved with one or two projects depending on the level of interest and depth of commitment. Skills and knowledge required: ability to search and analyze the literature, ability to do retrospective chart reviews in a HIPPA compliant manner, familiarity with excel, familiarity with statistics, a basic knowledge of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology.

Time Commitment per Week

3 - 4 hours per unit. 1 year Commitment.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 20 points (working assigned hours, being on time). Research Work: 20 points (quality, accuracy, ability to synthesize information, ability to search the literature and analyze). Communication: 20 points (written/oral reports, poster presentations,). Citizenship: 20 points (maintenance of patient confidentiality, Adherence to HIPPA, interactions with ancillary staff). Initiative: 10 points (thinking "outside of the box", new ideas). Scholarly activities: 10 points (participation in poster preparations, manuscript writing).