Faculty Profile: Bryant, Peter

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Bryant, Peter
Lab Contact:
Peter Bryant
(949) 933-9654
Department: Developmental & Cell Biology
4334 McGaugh Hall

Research Description

Students will identify and work on projects as part of a comprehensive effort to photodocument and monitor local biodiversity, emphasizing terrestrial invertebrates (insects and spiders), and marine invertebrates (zooplankton). Projects include field studies of the distribution, seasonality and abundance of these animals, as well as studies of their life cycles. The resulting data are being used to build a comprehensive web site showing the diversity, life history, ecological roles, and conservation issues concerning these animals as well as plants and other organisms. A specific region of mitochondrial DNA, called the ?DNA Barcode? is being used for matching adult animals with larval stages, and for species identification as part of the International Barcode of Life Project.

Requirements to Participate

Some knowledge of or at least interest in local natural history. ? Some knowledge of or at least interest in macrophotography and photomicroscopy. ? Willing to do unsupervised field work after training is completed. ? 2-page proposal during the first two weeks of the quarter ? 5-page report due at the end of Finals Week.

Time Commitment per Week

12 hrs/week