Faculty Profile: Agrawal, Anshu

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Agrawal, Anshu
Lab Contact:
Anshu Agrawal
(949) 824-7706
Department: SOM - Department of Medicine
Med Sci I, C-238

Research Description

he focus of my lab is to understand the biology of dendritic cells (DC) of the immune system. DCs are the major antigen presenting cells that are critical mediators of both innate and adaptive immune responses. We are mainly interested in understanding the differences in the functioning of DCs between young and aged human subjects and the consequences and mechanisms underlying these differences. We study the activation of DCs by Toll like receptors (TLRs) ligands by Flow cytometry and ELISA. Signaling differences are studies by Western and flow cytometry. The priming of T cells by DCs forms a major component of our adaptive immune system studies.

Time Commitment per Week

12-15 hrs/wk